La Lanterna Viaggi plans your favourite travels around the world, either driving in Europe or discovering the beauties of the New World.



Europe at hand: weekends in the Old World capitals, “magic” breaks at Disneyland Resort Paris, driving tours finding the best places, relaxing holidays on the Mediterranean beaches…



New York’s skycrapers, New England’s rocky coast, Washington’s imposing monuments, Florida’s swamps and sandy beaches, Rocky Mountains’ splendour, National Parks’ grandeur, Old Wild West’s beauty, Northwest’s foggy appeal, California’s sunny places, Hawaii’s stunning panoramas and Canada’s jewels: Enrico Zaffiri is your North America expert. Try out Alidays’s ideas on USA, Canada, Mexico and the Carribeans.

Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile: South America’s greatness is Eliano Massa’s passion.




Africa is wild and full of life, colours and history: try out a safari in Kenya and Tanzania or a tour in the red earths of Namibia, find the enchantment of South Africa, the art and ancient history of Egypt and Morocco and the famous coral encrusted Red Sea shores. Choose your own way to get the “Africa blues” !

Asia and Oceania



There are so many things to see: the silk route, the intriguing magic of India, the “China continent”, Japan both high-tech and tradition, Australia’s vast expanses, the green New Zealand and thousand wonderful islands dotting the Pacific…

La Lanterna Viaggi: your travel partner for a unique experience !